Other Discoveries

At Frataka, south of Yacob Dewar, mineralisation was intersected during road-building, close to a copper-bearing gossan and geophysical anomaly. Drilling and trenching will be conducted following geological mapping and a reinterpretation of the geophysics.

Alluvial gold on the Shambotai / Jawkerai / Gurgur Gold Trend in the southern half of the licence appears to be derived from quartz veining in carbonate and dioritic rocks. Limited drilling by Andiamo on the ridge above Shambotai intersected gold mineralisation, but additional geological and structural mapping and rock geochemistry is now planned to obtain a better geological understanding of the Shambotai gold trend prior to additional drilling.

Other targets in the southern part of the licence will also be followed up. For example, an untested VTEM anomaly over the Okreb Gossan, which forms a low hill located between Shambotai and Frataka, shows heavy metal toxicity to vegetation and a stream sediment gold anomaly. Geological mapping with geochemical sampling, ground geophysics and RAB / Air Core drilling will be conducted.

The 91 km2 Mew Extension to the south of Andiamo’s existing licence was granted in 2016. The area was part of a licence held by the now-defunct company Eri-Lib, which ceased exploration when the Libyan state collapsed.  The extension contains 23 VTEM targets, several gossans and numerous colonial era and artisanal gold workings. Andiamo reviewed the extensive data collected by Eri-Lib and has conducted its own reconnaissance mapping.