Andiamo Exploration Limited was incorporated in 2008 to undertake exploration for and development of volcanogenic massive sulphide and orogenic gold deposits in Eritrea.  The company has systematically explored a large licence which lies along strike of and 50km south of Bisha Mine.

Eritrea lies in the Arabian-Nubian Shield which hosts a number of important Neoproterozoic VMS and early Phanerozoic orogenic gold deposits.  VMS deposits include Bisha (Eritrea), Hassai (Sudan), Jabal Sayid (Exploration Limited Saudi Arabia) and Hamama (Egypt).  Gold deposits include Sukari (Egypt) and Zara (Eritrea).

Geophysical, geochemical, geological and remote sensing surveys over the original 750km2 licence area led to the identification of about 40 targets, which were followed up by ground geophysical methods, detailed geological and geochemical surveys and drilling. 

In 2016, the company was granted a southward extension of 90km2 containing a further 30 targets identified but not followed up by previous licence holders.

The recession in exploration between 2013 and 2016 led to the departure from Eritrea of almost all junior exploration companies, but Andiamo continued to operate and was able to conduct several drilling programmes, including resource drilling of the gold-enriched oxide cap of the Yacob Dewar VMS deposit.

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